When the impossible happens

Chapter four continued

They turned to see who had spoken, to the complete surprise of both Mick and Dave, it was none other than Doctors Andrew Bell and Dominic Lestrange, Mediwitch Drizella Churchard and Healer James Pridmore! What were they doing here at Ray’s house? How on earth did they know where to find them?

“Who the HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?” Ray shouted. “Get the fuck out of my house!”

“What...what are you guys doing here?” Mick asked, wide-eyed at seeing the people who had cared for him over the past few months; not that he was complaining because right now, with the way Ray and Robert were behaving, he and Dave needed all the support they could get.

“Who are you people?” Pete asked.

“Yes, not meaning to be rude but have you never heard of knocking?” Grenville pointed out. “You can’t just walk into someone’s house like that.”

“Yeah get out of here now or we’re calling the police!” Robert said angrily.

“We’re actually in the middle of discussing something important!”

“Yes we know,” Pridmore said. “That’s why we are here, to protect Mick, we detected on his tracking spell that he may be in trouble, so we thought we would come to see what was going on.”

“Wait...what tracking spell?” Dave asked, confused. “We weren’t told about that!”

“How...how did you find us?” Mick asked. “Not that I’m not pleased to see you because right before you came, it was becoming a heated argument.”

“Yes we know,” Doctor Bell answered. “We are guessing from what the map was showing that your bandmates have discovered your pregnancy.”

“Also I think you should have been informed that it’s the policy of St. Mungo’s to place a tracking spell on patients who are going to be under the hospital for the foreseeable future,” Drizella explained. “I think that was a team failure really.”

“Hang on a minute,” Dave said, clearly not happy with the unexpected visitors. “You mean to tell us that you can track our every move and you’ve done this without our permission?”

“Correction Mr Davies!” Dominic stated. “The healers placed a tracking spell on your partner, not you. Also it’s not so that they can watch his every move, it’s so that they can be sure he is ok, then if any emergency occurs, help can come.”

“Yes, when you moved to Wales,” Drizella inserted. “You agreed to have the fireplace at your new house connected with the floo network, that was so I could visit when I needed to, but also it was so we could get to you if any emergency crops up.”

“So that’s where you moved to,” Pete said. “Dave you never told us you were moving anywhere...and I take it now that Mick lives with you?”

“Yes he does,” Dave replied. “There’s no point in denying it, we have a new home together, and we’re going to raise our baby there.”

“You’re not seriously thinking of raising a child together, just the two of you!” Robert remarked.

“Yes...yes we are,” Dave replied defensively. “WE ARE RAISING THIS BABY, LIKE IT OR NOT. I...I never for a minute, not even in my wildest imagination guessed that this could possibly happen. Never knew that men could get pregnant, but it’s happened. The impossible has happened, by some miracle I have been given this chance to be a father when I thought I never could.”

“I am very confused,” Ray sighed. “Very confused indeed, it’s...this is like a dream, I’ve pinched myself several times but each time it’s hurt...oh my God...what the hell is going on here?”

“How about I make you all a cup of tea and we will start from the beginning?” Drizella suggested. “Mick, Dave, you had better sit them all down and you can tell your story, I will help you tell it of course, as will my three colleagues here; then we had better explain how we have ended up here. It was partly because we could see you were in the last stage of the changing process, the pain becomes so unbearable that you pass out, of course we didn’t want to tell you about that straight away because we knew you were under enough stress already, but it was in that book I gave you, you know the one called ‘Male pregnancy: A guide?”

“Oh yeah I did look at that,” Mick said, rubbing his bump. “But I never thought it would happen to me because I’m too...well a muggle as you all put it, not quite magical enough for any major changes to happen to my body.”

“When I gave you the magical blood test,” Pridmore said. “Your blood passed only just, but it seems you had more magic in you than we first thought, that baby inside you will almost certainly be getting a Hogwarts letter when she turns eleven.”

“But I did do a bit of research,” Dominic inserted. “It may not be Mick’s blood that is magical, it could be the baby that was causing all those changes in his body, to enable him to have a natural birth.”

“Anyway how about I make that cup of tea?” Drizella interrupted. “Mick and Dave may be slowly getting used to the idea but I think their friends are finding all this talk of magic very overwhelming.”

Mick helped Drizella make the tea, while Ray, Pete, Robert and Grenville were given calming draughts because none of them were willing to calm down and accept the situation was real.

Pete and Grenville were a little more accepting of Mick and Dave’s relationship, but were freaked out by the pregnancy, and by the new visitors.

Robert and Ray were the worst; they made unkind and bigoted remarks, making Dave angry and want to lash out at them both. However for once, Dave decided to be grown up about this; he knew his brother and their manager were the ones with the problem here and he was so grateful to Pete and Grenville for being so much more understanding and accepting, not only of his relationship with Mick, but of the pregnancy too, although it was understandable why they would all be so horrified and not believe that this baby was very much real.

When everyone was a bit more calm, Mick and Dave began to tell their story from the beginning. They told of how they had fallen hopelessly for each other and after a while, just knew they had to be together, but their love was illegal and it had to be kept secret from everyone. They told of how Mick became ill after they had come home from the Kinks’ last tour, how after a week, he decided to seek medical help.

They did not leave a single thing out and, surprisingly, their bandmates and managers listened without interrupting once the calming draughts took effect. (Which Dominic would point out later).

They told of how Mick was found to be pregnant despite Doctor Bell checking with the lab to make sure there had not been a mix up, they told of visiting St. Mungo’s and the floo network, which neither Mick nor Dave had reacted very well to. They told of the magic they had found in the place, and how very much like a dream it all was.

Finally of their precious baby that was to be born in a few short months, the baby they had seen with their very own eyes in a pink bubble, and the pink bubble was what told them the sex of their baby.

Also Drizella, Lestrange, Pridmore and Bell gave their own versions of the story, which indeed lasted well into the afternoon and as the calming draughts wore off, questions began to be asked.

When the impossible happens

Chapter four continued

“Mick...Mick wake up, please wake up,” Mick heard a distant voice somewhere in his subconscious, he was completely unaware of what had happened and as the drummer opened his eyes, he saw his lover Dave’s concerned face looking at him. He saw the relief in Dave’s eyes, and then he heard other voices around him.

“Dave are you sure we shouldn’t call a doctor?” This sounded to Mick like Ray.

“I’m sure,” Mick heard Dave say, and then Mick suddenly remembered what had happened, he had been in so much pain that he had passed out, unable to take the agony anymore. “Mick, darling, it’s okay I’m here.”

Then Mick heard a very abrasive sounding voice which he recognised as Robert’s, “Did you just call Mick darling?”

“What’s going on Dave?” a less judgemental sounding voice said, Mick thought it sounded like Grenville.

“Just wait until Mick’s come to properly,” Dave said, still sounding to Mick quite echoey as he had not fully regained consciousness. “Then I think if Mick’s alright with it, we may aswell tell you what’s going on.”

“I’m not sure I like the sound of it,” Ray’s voice said, and to Mick, his surroundings were becoming clearer now and then he fully opened his eyes and remembered what had happened.

Mick was no longer in pain, and he looked all around him, Dave and their bandmates, Ray and Pete and the two managers were standing around him. Once they all realised Mick had come to, and they saw that Mick was trying to get up, he heard things like, “Hey Mick...it’s okay mate, you just passed out,” and “Mick, don’t try to sit up, just lay quietly for a minute.”

Also he heard, “What the hell is going on? This is NOT normal, Dave will you please just tell us NOW!” Mick recognised this as being the voice of Ray, Dave’s brother.

As Mick tried to get up, Dave tried to stop him, but in frustration, Mick snapped, “Dave, I’m okay, I’m not in pain anymore, let me sit up and for goodness sake we might aswell explain all this!”

Mick sat upright on the sofa, Dave sat next to him, put his arm around him and asked him, “Mick, are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you want to tell them now?”

Mick looked at Dave, took hold of his hand and said, “Dave, if we don’t do it now, we never will.”

Mick felt another hand on his shoulder, it was Pete who said, “Mick, I’m really scared, what it it? Are you...are you ill? Are you...dying?” Pete’s voice cracked at these words and Mick saw tears well up in the bass player’s eyes.

Mick touched Pete’s hand, “No Pete,” he said. “No, I’m not ill and no, I’m not dying, but what I’m about to tell you all is going to shock you so...be prepared.”

Mick stood up, Dave did nothing to try and stop his lover. He unzipped his coat that was several sizes too large for him, took it off and tossed it aside. He took no notice of the looks that all of them but Dave were giving him, he then lifted up his baggy jumper, to reveal a vest that was also larger than he would normally wear. However, it was not the vest that made Ray, Pete, Robert and Grenville gasp in shock, it was his bump they were all looking at.

“There’s your answer,” Mick said, almost in a whisper. “I’m pregnant.”

There was silence, none of them could speak, all they could do was stare at him wide-eyed in shock; apart from one remark, “What the f...uck!”

The silence lasted at least a minute, then Dave stood up and went over to Mick, and he pulled down Mick’s jumper. Then he put his arm around Mick’s waist and looked at them.

“I’m the father,” Dave said calmly. “The baby’s mine.”

Mick and Dave looked at one another and smiled, they did not know what was going to happen next, but the main thing was, it was out in the open now. They just needed to find out if they were going to get any support from their bandmates and managers.

“So...so that was you they were talking about in the paper,” Ray said. “Pete do you remember…”

“Yes I do,” Pete replied. “But we laughed at it didn’t we?”

“So what they were saying was true?” Ray asked, looking at Mick. “ You’re the pregnant man they were talking about? And we thought it was just a silly story that newspaper had made up, because they are always printing lies.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about Ray,” Mick replied. “We haven’t seen anything in a newspaper but what we are telling you is the truth, in a couple of months Dave and I are to be parents and you are going to be an uncle.”

“What we want to know is,” Dave added. “Do we have your support on this? Will you all stick by us and keep our secret...at least for now, I especially ask this of you Ray, you are my brother and this baby is your niece.”

“Niece?” Pete said sounding interested. “How do you know it’s a girl? Nobody knows the sex of the baby until it’s born!”

“It’s a long story Pete,” Mick replied. “But we will tell it if you are willing to listen.”

“Never mind that!” Robert said, suddenly slamming his hand on a nearby table and getting up. He walked right over to Mick in a menacing way, he looked so intimidating that Dave had to place his hand protectively round Mick’s bump. “I WANT TO KNOW HOW THE HELL IT HAPPENED! TELL ME...HOW?”

“Hey there’s no need for that!” Grenville got hold of Robert in a bid to get his co-manager to calm down. “Let them explain themselves Robert, there’s no need to get all threatening is there?”

Dave had his arm around Mick, this was one thing that also seemed to arouse Robert’s temper, but Dave was not going to stand idly by while the man he loved and his unborn baby were on the receiving end of Robert’s aggression.

“Come on Dave what’s going on?” Ray sighed. “How the hell can Mick be pregnant and what the hell do you mean when you say you are the father?”

Mick and Dave looked at each other, and Mick said, “Shall we tell them everything, about us?”

“We’ll tell them we’re together,” Dave whispered. “They’re going to find out soon anyway so we may aswell tell them now.”

“What have you got to tell us?” Pete asked.

“Mick and I are together,” Dave revealed. “We’ve been having a relationship for...quite some time and now we’re having a baby together.”

“What do you mean?” Ray said, he also stood up now and looked just as intimidating as Robert had. “What are you trying to say Dave? That you’re queer?”

“RAY!!” Pete said, looking disgusted. “Don’t use that offensive word!”

Then Ray suddenly lost it, “I WILL USE WHATEVER FUCKING WORD I WANT!” He shouted, this made Dave take a step towards his brother and warn him that if he laid a finger on Mick and put their child in danger, there would be trouble.

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN? YOUR CHILD?” Ray yelled, pushing his brother so that he almost fell backwards. “Why the hell should I believe that from YOU SODOMISING MICK that you actually made a child together? What a load of BULLSHIT!”

“RAY!” Pete shouted, also getting up to try and calm his friend. “Stop it NOW!”

“Well Ray has a point!” Robert butted in, angering Dave. “IT’S GOT TO BE BULLSHIT, maybe you two are just trying to find a way to make us accept this...this so called...relationship you obviously have going...and have been at it behind our backs for quite sometime haven’t you!”

Robert was pointing his finger at both Mick and Dave, “Oh mark my words I already knew, I knew for a long time about what was going on between you two, and you thought you could get one over on me huh? But you were wrong! I’ve been onto you both right from the start, but I didn’t say anything because I couldn’t prove it...but now I know...I know that…”

“Now you know...now we all know that these two clearly love each other,” Pete suddenly piped up. “Yes, I suspected it as well, it was obvious really. From the way they looked at each other, the way they were both so inseparable, and like you Robert, I never said anything because I had no proof. But unlike you, I saw two people who loved each other and had no choice but to sneak around and pretend they were just two mates sharing a flat. Now they have something wonderful together, by some miracle they have made a child together, and you are making out that it’s all bullshit?”

“Oh come on Pete,” Ray said in disbelief at what he saw as Pete’s naivety. “How on earth can you expect us to believe that Mick’s pregnant? Even if he is, I doubt that baby’s a human being.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Not for the first time, Dave squared up to his brother. “That baby’s your niece, you can’t talk about her like that, that’s MY DAUGHTER!”

“How the fuck are two men supposed to conceive a child together and also how the hell could it possibly be a girl?” Ray asked.

“Quite easily,” a voice said, out of nowhere.

When the impossible happens

Chapter 4 continued

“Talk to us you two please,” Pete begged. “It’s very awkward for all of us.”

“Yeah come on guys,” Grenville agreed. “We should all work as a team, there’s no reason for you to keep secrets from us.”

Mick felt very upset at being pressurised into revealing the truth to everyone about his condition, but he also hated having to sneak around with Dave and having to hide who he really was, should he tell them now that not only were he and Dave in a relationship, but were also expecting a baby?

That was when Dave spoke up, “Look guys, has this whole thing been planned all along? Was this the real reason you arranged for us all to meet?”

“Not at all Dave,” Ray replied, with that calm and casual look that Dave had always despised. “The original plan was always to meet up as a band and practise on new material, but recently Pete and I have been concerned for you both, especially Mick.”

“And then they brought it to my attention,” Grenville added, giving Mick a concerned look. “They asked me what they ought to do about it...Mick, we are worried for you, are you...are you ill?”

“Come on Mick talk to us,” Robert said, sounding unusually kind. “Tell us what’s going on.”

“Oh no,” Dave said to Robert, looking the manager fiercely in the eye. “You’re not to pressure Mick into anything, he’s under a great deal of…”

Dave managed to stop himself and Mick’s heart went into his mouth as he heard the words his boyfriend just said, Dave was about to say more than he should. It was too late now though, as he had confirmed to everyone that the two shared a secret. Mick could do nothing but sit there in horror, his heart pounding as he knew that today he may well be forced to reveal everything.

“So you do know something,” Robert stood up and looked at Dave in a confronting manner. “Come on Dave out with it, none of us are leaving this house until you tell us exactly what’s going on, in case you haven’t guessed we want to help you!”

“YOU CAN’T HELP US!” Dave yelled in frustration at being interrogated and angry at his brother for once again sticking his nose in, he turned to Ray and hissed, “and YOU, YOU NOSEY CUNT, I bet it was you who thought of this idea to interrogate me and Mick. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? Just because you’re older than me doesn’t mean you get to rule my life, it’s always been the same hasn’t it? You undermining my capability of…”

But whatever else Dave was going to say to his older brother, they would never find out, as they were suddenly distracted by a loud cry of pain coming from Mick.

As Mick was listening to the Davies brothers’ argument like everyone else in the room, he suddenly felt a very sharp pain in his lower abdomen that quickly spread to his hips. It was just like all the other pains he experienced only now, it was the worst possible time for it to happen simply because he was around people he was trying to hide his pregnancy from. However with pain like this, he could not pretend he was alright and there was no hiding anything now. Dave was at Mick’s side immediately, with his arm around his pregnant lover and the rest of the party looking on wondering what on earth was wrong.

Mick writhed in pain as he tried to stand up from his chair; Dave tried to make him sit still but Mick insisted that he stand and try to walk, because at time, he found that walking about was better when experiencing these painful spasms.

“What’s going on?” Ray asked, looking horrified.

“It’s okay,” Dave replied. “He’ll be alright it’s nothing to worry about but…”

“Dave what’s wrong with Mick?” Pete asked with extreme concern.

“I just need...to go to the car…” Mick gasped as he tried to walk. “D...Dave do...you think...help me walk...please!”

Before Dave could do anything however, Mick collapsed to the floor in agony, Pete rushed over to Mick to try and help him up, putting his arm around his sick bandmate he looked up at Dave and asked, “Dave what’s going on?”

Dave was unable to answer and had turned deadly pale; he was simply unable to think of an answer that the rest of them would accept, Ray and the two managers did not know what to do or say either.

Pete held Mick in his arms and tried to comfort Mick, “Hey...hey Mick,” he said gently and trying to sound calm. “Mick what is it...oh God you’re so pale.”

“I...I know what will help him,” Dave said suddenly. “He...he’ll be okay just give...me a minute I’ll go and get what he needs.”

“No...Dave d...don’t leave me,” Mick begged his lover. “I...don’t leave me alone.”

“It’s okay Mick,” Pete whispered. “I’m here, nothing’s going to happen...Dave what does he need?”

“I’ll be back in just a minute,” Dave answered, trying not to panic but the anxiety in his voice was obvious to all of them, Mick included.

As Dave disappeared from the room, Pete and Grenville helped a very pale Mick to his feet. The drummer was still in great pain, though the pains had become less frequent over the past fortnight, and he was hoping they would go away altogether very soon.

As Mick sat down on the sofa, he still had severe pains in his pelvic area.

Pete made him lay down, then Mick heard a strange moaning sound; he was in so much pain that he did not realise as Pete, Grenville and Robert were looking at him completely shocked, worried and horrified, that he himself was actually making this sound. Then everything became blurry, because as the pain became so intense, Mick was unable to take it anymore and for a few minutes, Mick passed out.

When the impossible happens

Chapter four continued

A few weeks later, the couple found themselves at the home of Dave’s brother, Ray, along with Pete and their managers, Robert Wace and Grenville Collins.

Mick was beginning to feel more self conscious each time he met up with the band, and was paranoid that any minute, one of them would question why he had got so big. Dave had helped Mick as best he could to cover up his bump with the baggiest jumper he could find.

Mick had certainly been in a panic that morning in their hotel room, and had been on the verge of driving Dave crazy. For a start, Mick knew he was going to be asked where he was now living, and how was he going to be able to talk his way out of that? Dave had told him not to worry as they would come up with a plan.

However, Mick’s bump was becoming harder to hide with each passing week and looking in a mirror, he noticed that his tummy stuck out, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. Aswell as the awful baggy jumper, he had to stick on a large coat to make doubly sure his bump was hidden. Looking in a mirror that morning, Mick knew he looked ridiculous but what could he do?

As the two made their way to Ray’s house in the car, they agreed that they would not say anything about where they were living until they were asked about it.

“I tell you another thing that may well raise suspicions,” Mick said, gloomily. “Don’t you think they will find it a bit odd that I’m in this car with you instead of driving to Ray’s by myself? I mean, we’re not even supposed to be living together anymore, your flat’s empty. Your sister knows about it, and she is bound to have let Ray and your parents know. I bet the first thing you are going to be asked is why the hell you never said anything.”

Dave laughed, which annoyed Mick, “Yeah, and I expect you are going to be asked the same thing my darling,” he said, affectionately placing a hand on Mick’s knee.

Mick rolled his eyes at his boyfriend, as infuriating as Dave could be at times, Mick adored him and could never stay mad at him for long. Mick was then distracted as their unborn baby made a few cheerful kicks inside him, making Mick smile.

“Ooh, that’s six movements she’s made today,” Mick said, as felt his bump, happily forgetting his worries for just that moment. “She is a fiesty one.”

“Aww, so you need three...no, four more,” Dave laughed, putting his left hand on Mick’s stomach, before concentrating once again on his driving.

“Yeah, and there’s plenty of time for that,” Mick laughed, looking down at his bump and smiling at it lovingly. “It’s only late morning...oh wait...that’s seven, she kicked again.”

“I don’t think junior will fail to make ten movements today,” Dave said. “That kind of worried me when that Drizella freak said to count the kicks, you can’t enjoy your pregnancy can you? Not when you are worrying about how many times the baby is kicking.”

“I haven’t enjoyed it anyway really,” Mick sighed. “Too many different problems, horrible potions to drink, and the worry of the wrong people finding out...every time the band meets, that’s when I can’t relax.”

Dave smiled as he continued driving along the country road, “Yeah but, look on the bright side,” he said. “You and I have a beautiful house to escape to when we’re not working. We can forget all our troubles and just be together, and you know Mick sometimes, when you’re not so unwell, I have enjoyed your pregnancy. I love feeling our baby kicking inside you, and I think every day what a miracle it is. Surely you agree with me on that at least, even though you are worried about so many things.”

“Yes of course,” Mick agreed. “That’s the good part of it, you can’t help but think on the positive side when the impossible happens, it’s so like a dream and sometimes I get scared that I will awake at any minute. That’s when I start to look on the bad side again, but I remember you are here for me and I know everything’s going to be alright.”

But everything was not going to be alright that day, it turned out that Mick had every reason to be nervous about meeting up with the band again. As soon as the couple arrived at Ray’s house, they both walked in to find Ray, Pete, Robert and Grenville sitting in silence, looking at them as if they meant business.

This did not put Dave off though, he pretended everything was fine and greeted them all cheerfully, “Hello guys, good to see you all again, so what have you all been up to lately? Haven’t seen you in quite a while.”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, which worried Mick; then to his relief, Pete spoke first, “It’s good to see you guys too,” the bass player said, getting up to give Dave a hug. “We really need to catch up don’t we, how long has it been since we saw each other?”

“Ha ha not that long really,” Dave replied. “Only a couple of months or so.”

“Yes Dave and what have you been up to?” Ray butted in, still sitting down, he was not going to get up and give his brother a hug that was for certain.

Grenville gave Ray a sharp tap, “Not yet,” he hissed. “They’ve only just got here.”

“Pete, as you’re standing up, why don’t you get these two a drink?” Ray suggested, and by ‘these two’ of course he meant his brother and Mick.

“Do you want tea or coffee?” Pete asked Dave, Mick was hiding around a corner not wanting to be noticed, but he could not get out of any hospitality, so when Dave requested coffee, Pete looked around for Mick too.

Mick knew it was hopeless trying to hide from them all, he would be wanted very shortly anyway, so he tried his best to behave as if nothing was wrong when Pete asked him what he wanted.

Mick answered, “I...I don’t really want anything thanks Pete.”

“Oh...you sure Mick?” Pete asked him.

“Well actually could you get me some water?” Mick was feeling a little thirsty, and sometimes water was the only thing he felt like having.

“Erm...okay,” Pete said, and Mick was not sure he liked the thoughtful expression his bandmate had on his face, still Pete asked no questions as he disappeared into the kitchen to get what Mick and Dave both wanted.

“Come and sit down you two,” came the voice of Robert from where he was sitting on the sofa with Ray and Grenville. “When Pete comes back we have to talk.”

Mick did not like the sound of this, but he tried his best to behave as if nothing was amiss and did as the band’s manager requested, he told himself in his head to remain calm and casually walked over to the nearby chair, where he felt he could hide himself a little better. Mick looked at his secret lover Dave who had settled on the end of the sofa.

“What do we have to talk about?” Dave asked. “We’ve come here to hear some of Ray’s new songs haven’t we so we can learn to play them together.”

“Well yes of course you have,” Grenville said. “But there are a few issues we have to discuss first, but wait til Pete comes back in, we want to talk as a group.”

“Oh that’s interesting that is,” Dave muttered as he chewed on one of his fingernails, Mick could see that his lover was as nervous as himself, even though he knew that Dave would always try to be strong just for him.

Mick looked at Ray, who was clearly lost in thought, that was when a feeling of dread came over him and he seriously began to wonder what their bandmates and managers were going to be discussing once Pete came in. Perhaps there was no plan to listen to and rehearse new songs, perhaps a meeting had been planned instead.

Mick’s heart began beating rapidly as a feeling of panic came over him; had their relationship been found out? If so, what was to become of him and Dave? What was to become of the band? Worse still, what was to become of their baby?

Mick took deep breaths and tried to reason with himself. How on earth could anyone possibly know about his relationship with Dave? There was nothing to prove it. Mick felt calm again as he realised how silly he was being, of course there was nothing to worry about, Robert probably wanted to talk about the tour they were doing in the new year, nothing more. Of course going on tour had to be discussed amongst the band, and of course there was the album they were planning to bring out next year, and Ray apparently had new songs to share and so they would no doubt be going on the new album.

That is all they want to talk about, Mick thought. How could I be so silly to think of anything else?

However, Mick was quite wrong, Pete returned with Dave’s hot drink and brought Mick the glass of water he asked for, “You sure that’s all you want?” Pete asked him.

“Quite sure, thanks Pete,” Mick said gratefully.

As Pete sat down on the floor by the coffee table, Mick noticed the bassist looked nervous as he took hold of his cup of tea, in fact Pete really looked as if he would rather be anywhere but where he was right at that moment.

Robert spoke first, “Okay now you’re all here, we need to get down to business. Mick, Dave, we have to talk to you about what’s going on.”

“Oh yes, well we know pretty much what’s going on,” Dave said, and Mick could see his lover was trying to be lighthearted. “We’ve been planning this for weeks haven’t we? Ray’s been working on new material, he wanted us all to meet so we could hear the new songs and then we’ve got to learn to play it together as a band, and I’m guessing that we’re including it in the next album I suppose?” Dave laughed, but he sounded nervous.

“Indeed,” Grenville said, looking awkward.

“Oh cut the crap Dave,” Robert said, with a slightly raised voice which made Mick feel nervous again. “Yes, the main reason is to hear Ray’s new material, but then it’s been brought to my attention recently that…”

“Robert!” Grenville hissed at his co-manager. “You promised you weren’t going to start world war three, we just want to ask them what’s going on, not accuse them of anything.”

“What do you mean?” Dave said, standing up and looking Grenville straight in the face. Mick tried not to show that he was as worried as Dave looked. “What are you talking about? Accuse us of what? Er...you mean me and Mick I take it?”

“Yes Dave,” Ray sighed. “We mean you and Mick, we’re worried about you both that’s all.”

“We just want to help you if there’s anything wrong,” Pete said, looking at Mick with concern, and Mick knew that Pete meant it well but the concerned look on his bandmate’s face made Mick feel he had a lot of explaining to do, which obviously he had but how on earth was he going to do it. Dave had already worked out a plan as to how he was going to tell everyone about the baby, but it was becoming clear that Dave’s plan was not going to quite work out after all.

“I...I don’t know what you mean,” Mick said, feeling his heart beating wildly again and he could not help his shaking hands at all.

“Yes...can...can someone explain to me...explain to us what you are going on about? Dave said in frustration.

“Oh for crying out loud it’s no use,” Grenville sighed. “We’re concerned for you both, you’ve both been very secretive of late and we feel as if you two have a secret that you feel you can’t share with the rest of us.”

“But we want you to tell us,” Pete said, and looked at Mick again. “Mick, you’re the one I’m most worried about you know. Mick you haven’t been yourself on the last few occasions the band have met up, and how can we help you if you don’t talk to us?”

Mick looked at Dave for support, but the truth was, Dave had no idea what to say or do.

“Yes and Dave, whatever’s going on with Mick, it’s obvious you are in on it too,” Ray said. “And the way Mick looked at you now seemed to confirm it. So tell us what it is so we can help you.”

Dave had a look of disbelief on his face and Mick knew his boyfriend was about to flare up, especially as it was his brother who had spoken, was another Davies fight about to happen?

“What the fuck do you mean, help us?” Dave growled. “We don’t need any help, we’re fine, Mick and I…”

Dave stopped himself then as he realised he had probably said more than he ought to say, but that alone seemed to be enough to make Ray, Pete and their managers think that indeed there was something going on.

When the impossible happens

Chapter four

Dave snuggled close to a sleeping Mick and sighed. It was four-thirty am, and Mick had only got back to sleep half an hour ago, after waking up in terrible pain.

The healer they saw, had explained that this was a normal thing to happen in a male pregnancy at around six months. There was nothing to do but put up with it, until the magic within Mick had done it’s job, to ensure his body was ready to bring the baby into the world.

Dave found it very hard to see the man he loved going through such agony, which sometimes was so bad that Mick was crying in pain.

When Mick had woken up at around three thirty-five, he had woken up Dave, who found his lover on the floor, writhing in pain with tears streaming down his face. Mick’s face had been so pale, and it had taken Dave a good five minutes to get Mick back into bed.

Mick really hated the taste of the prescribed potion, so Dave tried massaging him with oil Drizella had recommended to see if that would help a little. It helped Mick to relax, and Dave talking to him in soothing tones stopped Mick from crying. After massaging his stomach and hips for fifteen minutes however, Mick was still in a great deal of pain, so he asked Dave to get the potion, as it seemed to help him sleep.

Dave lay quietly, stroking Mick’s hair. He thought to himself of all the bizarre things that had happened to them both in the past few months. He still found it so hard to believe that this whole thing was not a dream. The fact he was going to be a father, and even more so, that Mick was the one carrying his child, really did take some getting used to.

Dave listened to his lover’s gentle breathing, Mick looked so peaceful and Dave hoped he would sleep for a fair few hours into the morning, to make up for the amount of pain he had been in. Poor Mick would probably lose enough sleep once the baby was here. Dave then began thinking of how they needed to get a cot for the baby. In his head, there were so many things that still needed to be done before this baby arrived. To begin with, as they knew they were having a girl, they needed to get some pretty little clothes. As the child was due on Dave’s birthday, which was February, it would still be cold. Dave was thinking of hats, little pink cardigans, bootees and blankets.

As Dave lay beside a sleeping Mick, he pictured their little one being pushed in her pram by the sea front in her little pink bonnet, with big blue eyes smiling up at him. Dave wondered who she would take after, him or Mick? Perhaps she would be across between the two of them, maybe with Mick’s beautiful dark green eyes and Dave’s mouth. He hoped to goodness she would look nothing like her uncle Ray...that suddenly made Dave think!

Oh boy, Dave thought. What the hell am I going to say to Ray? It’s one thing to tell him that I’m going to be a father, but when he finds out Mick is the one carrying my baby, what is he going to say? What is he going to do? Will he still love his little niece? Or will he want nothing to do with her?

Then of course, there was Dave’s family. How would they react? Would his mum and dad accept their grandchild?

Dave lay there in the dark, all he could hear was Mick’s gentle breathing. He snuggled close to Mick, who felt so warm. Dave pulled the blankets over them both, and put his arm around Mick. He gently placed a hand on Mick’s bump to see if he could feel their baby daughter moving; Mick often said the baby seemed to be most active when he was lying still and trying to have a rest.

Dave kept still to see if the little one would move for him now; he was not disappointed. His hand felt a couple of tiny kicks, he waited to see if the baby would move a little more for her daddy, but she did not seem to be very active, perhaps she was asleep. Dave wished he could be asleep just like Mick and the baby, but so many thoughts were going through his mind at once, and not all of them were good thoughts.

He was kept awake for at least another hour because of the worries he had about his family’s reactions to this most unheard of pregnancy. Then he came to realise that it was not just his family he needed to worry about; there was also the band, his music career and the band’s image too. Dave knew that he and Mick were already under suspicion anyway, with the lack of women in their lives, and the fact they had been sharing a flat for so long. However, they had now moved away into a beautiful cottage, apparently among people who would accept their relationship.

Dave was still freaked out by the idea that they were living among witches and wizards, because if and when he met some of them, what would they be like? He remembered Drizella warning him, that he needed to be wary of one or two of them who lived nearby, but that most of them in that area were lovely. Still, Dave knew that he needed to make a new start in his life with Mick, and that no place they lived in would ever be perfect.

He was by no means in any rush to meet any of his nearby neighbours just yet, they were both still settling in to the new place and still adjusting to their new life and so far they had both agreed to keep themselves to themselves.

Dave lay thinking of what they were going to do about the band before the baby was born, he knew they would have to come clean because otherwise, how were they to get out of the upcoming tour that had been planned for early the following year? Dave knew that Mick was reluctant to talk about it, but it really had to be discussed and soon. The baby was due in less than three months, which really did not give them much time.

Dave soon began drifting off to sleep, but as he was doing so, he decided there and then that he was going to tell Ray, Pete, their managers and his parents that he was going to become a father. They were to travel to London very soon to spend time at Ray’s house, discussing their tour and about the songs that were going to be played at each concert. He would speak to Mick about this tomorrow as soon as he could catch his lover in a good mood.

“ARE YOU NUTS??!!” Mick exclaimed the next day, when Dave brought up the subject.

“No Mick I’m not,” Dave answered with an exasperated sigh. “I was thinking about this as I was laying in bed. You know, after you had your bad pains that kept us both awake. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I just have to tell someone that I’m going to be a dad. I’m not hiding my baby daughter away from the world!”

“It’s my daughter too!” Mick argued back. “We’ve been through this Dave and I thought we decided it was best to…”

“Best to what Mick?” Dave asked, making frustrated movements with his hands. “Wait right up until the last minute when this baby’s about to come out? I don’t think so somehow. Anyway I thought you said you wanted to get out of the tour, after all you are going to be heavily pregnant when the time comes, and you could drop at any minute.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Mick replied. “The baby is more than likely to be delivered a few weeks before the due date, you know I’m having a caesarean.”

The couple were sitting at the kitchen table at eleven o'clock that morning, having a late breakfast as they had slept in. Dave was dressed, because he had got straight into the shower when they both woke up and realised they had slept late, but Mick was still in his pyjamas and dressing gown as the baby was taking so much energy out of him, and he just did not want to be bothered with anything at all that day.

When Dave had brought up the subject once again, of them coming clean about their relationship and their unborn baby, Mick was not happy.

Deep down, Mick felt that perhaps he was being unreasonable in a way, as how could they hide this situation for much longer? It was inevitable that someone he did not trust was going to find out everything sooner or later. The list of people Mick did not trust were as long as his arm. Among these people were Robert Wace, Dave’s parents,and most of the Davies family.

Mick found Pete and Grenville to be the kindest of all of them. As for the rest, sure he got on alright with them and he stayed on their right side, but he was afraid of their reactions and what they would do when they found out?

The couple continued to argue.

“Yeah but are you sure you are having a caesarean?” Dave queried. “Weren’t we told that because your body is changing, that you might be capable of giving birth naturally?”

“I am NOT giving birth naturally Dave!” Mick hissed. “You even pointed this out to that healer guy we saw didn’t you?”

“Yeah but do we have a choice if they look at you and decide you should try and give birth naturally?” Dave argued.

“Look, we’re going off the subject a little,” Mick pointed out, before he suddenly grabbed his stomach and winced in pain, causing Dave to become very concerned.

“Mick, are you alright?” Dave gasped, kneeling down to Mick’s level and putting his arm around him.

Mick sat with his head down on the table, gripping it tightly with one hand and holding his stomach with the other. Dave could see from the expression on his face that Mick was in terrible pain and it frightened him, Dave was unsure if the healer had been right about the pains being normal. Mick’s face would become so pale, and sometimes he looked as though he was struggling to breathe. Dave rubbed Mick’s back soothingly and stroked his hair, but this did not take away the pain.

“Shall I get you some of that potion my darling?” Dave asked gently.

Mick could not speak, all he could do was nod. The pain was not just in his back, hips and stomach anymore; he felt this agony all over his body and the pain sometimes got so terrible that he would have done anything to stop it, even kill himself if that was what it took.

Dave quickly ran to the cupboard where the potion was kept, and quickly poured the amount that was needed into the goblet that had come with it.

Even the goblet gave Dave the creeps, but if it helped his darling Mick then that did not matter. He quickly brought it back to Mick, who had still not moved from the position he was in. Dave placed the full goblet on the table and lifted Mick into a sitting position; Dave noticed how any kind of movement seemed painful to Mick whenever he was suffering with these pains. When Mick let out a cry of pain at being made to sit up, Dave wondered if he should take Mick back to the healer or mention it to Drizella on her next visit; he was not convinced that this was normal, even if they had been told it was.

“It’s okay Mick,” Dave said soothingly. “Here my love, drink this, it will help you.”

Dave held Mick’s head gently in one hand, and with the other, he placed the goblet against Mick’s mouth and told him to drink. After Mick had taken a few sips, he was able to lift his hand and drink it himself, which was a good sign as it meant the potion was doing it’s job.

Mick drank the entire contents of the goblet, made a face because of the extremely unpleasant taste, and then leaned his head against Dave. Dave held Mick in a tight hug and stroked his hair gently. He then helped poor Mick into the main living room, so that he could lie on the sofa and rest for a while. Mick still found it hard to walk, as the potion would only take the edge off the pain to make it easier for him to rest.

When Mick was lying comfortably on the sofa, and Dave had adjusted his pillow and covered him with a blanket, he said to Dave, “I’m sorry my darling.” Mick lifted up his hand to stroke Dave’s face.

“What are you sorry for, my love?” Dave asked him.

“For making things so difficult for you,” Mick replied in a weak voice.

“What do you mean?” Dave asked with a confused look.

“Well, you know,” Mick answered. “Like, when you tell me we need to make plans for our baby girl, like telling friends and family about her, and I don’t want to because I’m too scared of what they might say and do. But you are right, we haven’t really got very long have we? We need to talk about this and I keep trying to put it off because I’m scared.”

“I understand you’re scared Mick, my love,” Dave said soothingly. “So am I, and I can’t pretend I’m not. But we’re in this together, I’m here for you no matter what, and nothing’s going to change that. We have to explain to people why we can’t go on the tour that’s planned for the new year. We ideally need to get people together who need to know, to sit them down and we have to explain the situation to them.”

“It’s going to be a big thing for them to take in,” Mick pointed out. “I don’t think I will ever be ready”

“I know,” Dave agreed. “Nobody is ready for this if you think about it. You’re not ready to tell the world, nor am I. Just like I was never really ready to be a father just yet, even though I am happy that it’s happened, I was never ready for any of it. I bet even the doctors we have seen are not ready for it.”

“So, remind me again,” Mick said with a small laugh. “Before I had those horrible pains, we were in the middle of an argument.”

“We sure were,” Dave replied, rolling his eyes. “I told you we have to start telling people our news. I was actually thinking of just telling them I’m gonna be a dad to start with, just to get them used to the idea.”

Mick frowned a little, “What, and leave me out?”

“Just at first,” Dave reassured him, then he took hold of Mick’s hand. “You need to remember that nobody knows we are together, apart from a few weird people we don’t know very well.”

“Yeah but...what are you going to say to them?” Mick asked, looking worried.

“Like I said,” Dave replied. “I’m just gonna tell them I’m going to be a dad, and I’m going to let them know where I’ve moved to, you know...just to get them used to the idea. Then when they want to meet the one who’s having my baby, I will invite Ray and my family here and that’s when they will see you.”

Mick was not comfortable with his partner’s idea, he was starting to feel as if Dave was once again trying to take control and bring people to his home that he did not want to see. He had wanted to move away from London, and be with Dave in a beautiful house for a long time. Mick was not prepared to have anyone else over who would try to take over his life and try to have a say about what happens with the baby. It was his baby, he was carrying it whether Dave was the other parent or not.

Mick began to have thoughts of Dave’s parents wanting to take his child away, in fact he began to have all these irrational thoughts at once. Then he thought that even if Dave’s parents were supportive of their relationship, which in Mick’s mind was unlikely, he did not want Dave’s mother in his home trying to take over parenting responsibilities. Mick was not going to have that, and he wanted Dave to stop being such a control freak.

“Dave, I don’t think you have really thought this through my darling,” Mick said in a worried tone. “You can’t just have Ray and your family here and tell them that I’m the one who’s having your baby, you know what your dad’s been like with me, we’ve discussed this before.”

“Well...I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up Mick,” Dave replied. “All this secrecy I mean, so that’s why…”

“I don’t trust your dad,” Mick hissed. “Please Dave, please don’t let your parents come here. Why can’t you tell them next time you’re in London if you must, when I’m not with you.”

“Mick my darling…” Dave began, but Mick stopped him.

“Dave please...please listen to me,” he pleaded, and Mick looked so beautiful and crestfallen when he said these words that he would have moved a heart of stone; Dave was almost moved to tears by his boyfriend’s pleading. “Dave, this is my home and it’s my baby...well I know it’s yours too, but I’m the one carrying our little girl and you see how I’ve been suffering lately...really I’ve suffered right from the start. So please, I ask you...no, I beg you not to have any of your family invade our home…” Mick put his hand on his bump when he said the next words, “...our little girl’s home too. I don’t want people thinking they can come here and take over whenever they want to, not your mother, not anyone, please.”

Dave was not quite sure what to say to Mick’s words; he felt hurt that his pregnant boyfriend accused him more or less of being controlling. Really all he wanted, was to be able to share how much he loved Mick to all those people in his life he cared about; he did not want to hide anything anymore. But then, their kind of relationship was illegal, maybe they should speak to one of the experts from St. Mungo’s, and seek their advice on what to tell his immediate family of their situation. Yes, that might be a better plan to begin with, that was what they would do on Drizella’s next visit, which would be just before they set off back to London again, where they would remain for about a fortnight. So Dave suggested to Mick what he had just been thinking.

Mick calmed down after Dave suggested speaking to Drizella, “Yes...thank you Dave,” he said, sounding relieved, and Dave was pleased to see that the colour was coming back into Mick’s face. “Yes, why didn’t I think of that, Drizella will know what to do, we should ask her about letting people know of our situation, after all, we can’t just drop out of the tour for no reason can we?”

“Hey, let’s worry about all this some other time,” Dave said, gently brushing a strand of Mick’s hair away from his eyes. “After all, that Drizella person comes to visit you just before we leave for London, we will tell her what we plan to do.”

“I do love you Dave,” Mick murmured with love in his eyes. “You do know that don’t you? Please don’t ever doubt that.”

“I’ve never doubted that for a second my darling,” Dave replied, stroking Mick’s face. “I love you more than anything else in the world, more than anyone. You and this baby are the most important people to me, don’t ever doubt that. I always want to do right by you both.”

“I know, and you will,” Mick smiled. “But you know how worried I get and you understand my qualms about your…”

“About my family?” Dave guessed, raising his eyebrows. “Yes I do understand, I promise I will never do anything to make you unhappy, and if that means my family aren’t allowed to come here for a while, then so be it.”

“Oh I’m not saying they can’t come, but…”

“I know what you mean,” Dave reassured Mick. “And I agree with you, I won’t allow my mother to try and take over raising our child, it’s our job to do that, but still, she will want to see her granddaughter one day, and so will my dad, you do understand that don’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” Mick agreed. “I mean, I have no family, and our little girl has a right to see other members of her family.”

“But don’t worry,” Dave stressed. “I will make sure they accept our relationship before they can see her, that is one thing that must be so. If they want to see this baby, they have to see you too and accept you.”

“You mean that?” Mick asked in surprise. “You really would put me first?”

“Your feelings, and you and the baby are the most important things to me,” Dave said. “You will always come first, if my family can’t accept you, then that’s their problem, not yours or mine.”

Mick smiled lovingly at what Dave had just said, “Kiss me,” he begged.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Dave leaned in and gently planted a kiss on Mick’s beautiful lips; it had actually been a while since they had kissed properly with Mick having been so ill, but now, Dave wanted to make the most of this kiss before Mick had one of his painful attacks again.

Dave relished in this most loving and sweet kiss, Mick’s mouth tasted of sugar and other sweet things, kissing Mick had always been one of Dave’s favourite pastimes. He gently slid the tip of his tongue inside Mick’s beautiful mouth; Mick was doing the same thing to him. Mick took hold of Dave’s head and lovingly ran his fingers through his lover’s long, dark hair; while he was feeling relaxed and happy, he wanted to enjoy this intimate moment while he could.

When they finally broke away from their passionate kiss, Dave smiled lovingly at his pregnant partner, stroked Mick’s hair tenderly and looked into his beautiful eyes. Mick lay there looking up at Dave, loving his kind face and gentle touch, something he could not do without right now.

“I love you Dave,” Mick murmured, in a dreamlike manner.

“I love you too my darling,” Dave replied. “Never doubt that.”

Mick suddenly felt the baby kicking again, and it was wonderful to feel. He took hold of Dave’s hand and placed it on his bump where he had felt the sudden movements, they had felt the baby moving a fair few times since they had moved into their new home, but this was the first time that morning. Dave loved to feel his daughter moving around inside Mick, this baby was the biggest miracle since Jesus, and Dave could not wait to meet her.

When the impossible happens

Chapter three continued

Dominic Lestrange was fuming. Even though he knew he should not be angry, and he knew that this was coming, he was tired of the way St. Mungo’s would constantly use him to bring their muggle patients to them, and then expect him to be on his way without a word of thanks.

He had no choice but to use his time turner to carry out such jobs, as often they clashed with his shifts at the hospital, and sometimes he never knew which of his jobs he should do first. Either way, he would be very tired at the end, and sometimes, he had no choice but to turn back time when he needed the extra sleep.

Dominic had taken on the job with the Ministry of Magic as part of the muggle-aid team, partly because he missed life in the wizarding world, and wanted to stay close to the life that once was his, partly because he wanted to embarrass his family, as payback for disowning him for being a squib. He wanted to show them that they were wrong when they said he would never amount to anything.

Dominic loved his job at the muggle hospital, and would not have changed a thing, but he also loved the wizarding world and St Mungo’s; a place he had dreamed of working at since he was a teenager. When it became clear that he had no magical powers, it took Dominic a long time to get over this. After a while, he decided he may aswell study muggle medicine, and take care of non-magical people, especially those who seemed to be shunned by muggle society.

It was very rare St. Mungo’s would agree to treat muggles, except in unusual cases, and even then, these muggles had to pass certain tests before the healers would do anything for them. This angered Dominic, as sometimes, these muggles had no-one else to turn to, it just seemed unfair to turn them away.

Perhaps he was not thinking straight, and perhaps he was overtired. After all, Healer James Pridmore had told him time and again that muggle blood was not compatible with magic or potions, and Dominic would just have to accept this. Yet Dominic wondered if any of that was true, as Dave Davies had been fine when he had been given a calming draft. Dave had certainly needed something, because he had become so overwhelmed by the fact that magic was indeed real.

Dominic’s relative, the mediwitch Drizella Churchard, was another person who had made him angry. He did not quite know why, but she just rubbed him up the wrong way at times. She would often criticise the amount of times he used his time-turner, and he got pissed off when she would constantly nag him, about how this device was only supposed to be used to carry out his special jobs for the Ministry of Magic or St. Mungo’s, and certainly not for him to have an extra hour’s sleep.

He was also irked by the fact that Drizella was the one who had helped Mick and Dave find a house, he told her that he would have liked to come along and help, but she had told him, “I don’t see why you should Dom; Mr Avory is no longer your patient. I am studying male pregnancy, and the healers have agreed that I be involved for my work. I need to find out how he is coping with the pregnancy, and be there for him. Mr Avory even gave me special permission to study his pregnancy as part of the course I’m doing.”

Of course, Dominic knew what Drizella told him was true, Mick Avory was no longer his patient, and she was also right about him using his time-turner more often than he should. If the Ministry ever found out, he would most certainly receive a warning or disciplinary hearing. He may even be dismissed from his position as go-between for muggles and wizards.

Even if he was able to keep his wizard job, there was a chance that the controversial time-turning device would be taken from him, and then he would more than likely have to give up one of his jobs. It would be madness to give up his hospital job, as it paid far more than his wizard job, and being a doctor meant he could afford his lavish apartment and fancy car, but the wizarding world was Dominic’s real home.

Dominic was born into a very wealthy, ancient and pure-blood wizarding family, and he also had two younger brothers, Rodolphus and Rabastan. From a very young age, it became clear, not only to Dominic himself, but also to his parents, that he was different from the way the Lestranges were expected to be. The Lestranges had, for many centuries practised the dark arts and believed in the notion of pure blood supremacy. Dominic’s parents certainly hated muggles, squibs and blood-traitors, and they did not think very much of half bloods either.

When it was found that their eldest son indeed came under one of these categories, he was disowned, disinherited and even removed from the Lestrange family tree. To this day, they have never even spoken of Dominic, and if his two brothers or the house elves were heard even mentioning his name, they would have been severely punished.

Although Dominic was heartbroken, angry and devastated to be treated in such a way for a reason beyond his control, he also felt relieved in a sense, because of the plans his twisted parents had previously made for him. They had both been determined to arrange a respectable, pureblood marriage for their eldest son, and so the Lestranges had liaised with Cygnus and Druella Black and promised him to their daughter, Bellatrix, as she came of age.

Dominic knew nothing of these arrangements until after his being a squib was discovered, and this angered him more, to think his parents had arranged a marriage for him without his consent, and a marriage he did not want on top of that. He had never met little Bellatrix, but he knew she was about eight years younger than himself, and from what he had heard from the Churchards, she was a spoilt little brat. That was not the only reason he did not want to marry this girl. From about the age of fourteen, Dominic realised he was attracted to men, although this probably would not matter much to his parents, they would still have insisted on him marrying Bellatrix, because there were no males who would have been good enough to marry into the Lestrange family.

A respectable pureblood marriage seemed to be the most important thing for Dominic’s so-called parents, so in the end Dominic decided that he would have been better off without them anyway.

He was grateful that he was still able to visit Diagon Alley as often as he liked, and have a vault in Gringotts, but sometimes when he went there, he would see his parents and other members of his family who would completely blank him.

The last thing Dominic heard, his mother and father had, instead of himself, promised their second son Rodolphus to the Blacks. Although Dominic felt sorry for Rodolphus, there was nothing he could do.

Dominic was sitting in his apartment, it was past eleven o'clock at night. He had let out his snowy owl, Athena, to stretch her wings for an hour or so after she had been left in his apartment all day. It did not matter, because when he had no letters for her to deliver, she slept through the day, and so she did not really miss him while he was out at work. He often sent Athena out with letters to St. Mungo’s with requests for them to see certain muggles, Mick Avory being the latest of course.

If only these thoughts of his family, Drizella and of course, Mick and Dave were not going through his mind and giving him a headache. He had had a long and tiring day, and was feeling very angry that the Ministry of magic seemed to be using him. Sure, they paid him well so he should not really complain, but he often felt bitterness that had never really gone away since he was cast out by his own family. He had no hope of ever inheriting any of the Lestrange treasure that was hidden away deep underground, in one of the biggest vaults in Gringotts bank. He kept telling himself that this did not matter, he had his own job, was making his own money and was able to look after himself, so in that respect, he was proud of himself.

As Dominic awaited Athena’s return, he began to wonder if there was any way for him to get back in contact with Mick and Dave. He especially wanted to see Dave, as he was worried by the fact that the two had moved into a wizarding community, it was just frustrating for Dominic that he did not know which community it was, the only information he received was that the couple would be safe raising their child there.

Dave had not taken in very well that magic and witchcraft was very much real, and Dominic remembered how it was so obvious by Dave’s body language, that the young man felt very overwhelmed to say the least.  Yes, Dave Davies needed all the support he could get. It was not that Drizella would not do a good job in supporting the couple in adapting to this new, and certainly unexpected life that had come to them, but Dominic felt that Dave needed to talk to someone who was a bit more on the ‘normal’ side, or as close to normal as was indeed possible.

Dominic found Doctor Andrew Bell most frustrating; when he was discovered to be a squib and, like Dominic, Andrew had been disowned by so-called family, Andrew had cut off all ties with the wizarding world and wanted nothing more to do with it. Dominic did understand this in a way, but Andrew could have been a big help to Dave in many ways, had Andrew just tried sometimes to remember his roots and realise that the Wizarding world still belonged as much to them as it did to the people who possessed magic.

When Andrew had first sent an owl to him, requesting that he inform St. Mungo’s of Mick’s condition, Dominic’s fellow doctor had explained in his letter that he had not been able to really talk to both the couple together that day, as he had other patients to see. Dominic was convinced that Andrew was lying about this, and that really he just did not want anything to do with Mick’s pregnancy at all, with it being a magical situation.

Yes, there were a fair few people Dominic was not happy with; Drizella, the Ministry, St. Mungo’s, his family and Doctor Bell. He knew deep down that he should let it all go, that he could not control other people's’ behaviour, and perhaps he was being unreasonable with what he was feeling. After all, when he had taken on this secret job with the Ministry, he knew that all he was doing was referring people to St. Mungo’s for magical assistance, and then his job was done, back to his career as a muggle doctor until next time. Yet, something was nagging him and would not let him breathe until he had taken action, he wanted to see Mick and Dave again and involve himself with Mick’s pregnancy. More importantly, he wanted to make sure that Dave got the help and support he needed, as he knew that it was a big issue for Dave, who was a muggle and had suddenly found himself thrust into this new world and new life.

Of course, Dominic needed to find the right reason to get in contact, it was no good just saying he wanted to help. He decided to send an owl to Doctor Bell to begin with, although his fellow Doctor would have no more clue as to where the couple had moved to than he did, he was wondering if perhaps he could convince Andrew to help him find out, and they could both make sure Dave got enough support.

Although a squib, Dominic was a wizard at heart and always would be. One of the reasons he was a practising Wiccan, was so that he could stay as close to magic as he possibly could. He did not care that some of his colleagues at the hospital did not like the Wiccan Pentacle he insisted on wearing around his neck.  Also, Dominic kept two miniature Wiccan statues in his office, of the Horned god and the Moon goddess, and he could not resist scaring his colleagues by telling them if they broke these statues out of disapproval, the wrath of Odin and Frigga would surely come upon them. He knew this was not true as Wicca was a peaceful religion, but he hated the way people would judge him because of a life he chose to follow. The strange thing about this was, he had been told some years back by Drizella’s mother Cassandra, who he called Aunty Cass, that his eyes had a way of making people listen to him if he so desired it.

She had told him, “When I look into your eyes, Dom, I see things I can’t explain. When you are angry, I see fire in them; when you are calm, your eyes show such serenity, which makes me calm too. When you are trying to reassure me not to worry, your eyes tell me everything is going to be alright.”

The words this exceptional witch had said to him, made him feel that he could have power over his haters at work if he so wished, just by talking to them and gazing right into their eyes.

Of course, none of his colleagues at the hospital knew of his past, and he wanted to keep it that way. A lot of them saw Dominic as being eccentric, but they could not complain, as most of the patients liked him and he was in fact a good doctor. There were however, some who Dominic felt did not like him, and so he made sure that he kept them on their toes at all times. He really could not believe sometimes, that gazing into someone’s eyes actually had the desired effect, and if that person really was giving him grief, he would always do the staring trick and it worked every time.

As Dominic relaxed on his sofa while still waiting for Athena the owl, he began to calm down. He did not want his anger to get the better of him anymore, often he told Drizella that she was lucky he was a squib, or he would hex her for being such an annoying know it all. He was going to find out where Mick and Dave had moved to, if Drizella would not tell him, he would ask Andrew for help. He was going to be in on Mick’s pregnancy, whether Drizella liked it or not.

When the impossible happens

Chapter three continued

When all three were sat in a quiet corner by the window with their drinks, Grenville asked them if there was a reason why they had asked to meet him, “Not that I’m not happy to have a drink with any of my Kinks,” the co-manager chuckled. “I am quite happy indeed to socialise with you two, or the other two, but I just can’t help but feel that this isn’t really a social thing.”

“Well there’s no reason why it can’t be a social thing,” Ray reassured Grenville kindly. “But yes, we do have something we want to talk to you about. We could have asked Robert to come over, but we feel we trust you more for some reason.”

“Hmm yeah, I can kind of understand that,” Grenville agreed. “Don’t get me wrong, Robert’s not all bad, he has his good points but...well I can kind of see why you want to talk to me first as Robert can be...well a little…”

“He’s always keen to get his own point across and he doesn’t always listen to what we want to tell him,” Pete inserted. “Especially on matters like this...well, that’s the trouble you see, we don’t quite know what the matter is yet.”

“Oh?” Grenville queried. “Why am I here then?”

“It’s about my brother,” Ray said, deciding to get to the point straight away. “Well, not just him, Mick as-well.”

“What about them?” Grenville asked.

“We don’t know,” Pete pointed out. “Well, not really, we just think that they have some secret between them that they are not willing to share with anyone else.”

“It’s Mick I’m most worried about to be honest,” Ray added. “He seems to be acting very strangely, we noticed it last time we all got together as a band, I’m sure you and Robert must have noticed it too.”

“I have noticed something very odd in his behaviour,” Grenville agreed. “He doesn’t always look as though he can relax does he, like he’s worried about something. Yes you are right, I can’t speak for Robert, but I myself noticed that sometimes Mick seemed a little uptight, like something’s worrying him, but I didn’t know if I should ask him if he’s alright or if there was anything I could do to help. I just kept telling myself that he knows where we are if he needs us, but I am glad that you two have brought this up.”

“Well I think we need to have a word with Dave about this too,” Pete remarked. “He and Mick were sharing a flat together up until not that long ago, and I am sure they share a lot of secrets.”

“You think so Pete?” Grenville questioned, looking doubtful. “I mean yes, they share a flat but that doesn’t mean they do everything together, they still have their own lives.”

“Well they’re not living in that flat anymore,” Ray announced. “I only just found out today from Pete. The flat’s empty now and we don’t know where they have moved to.”

“Well yes, they will more than likely have got places of their own now they have the money,” Grenville pointed out. “But yes, you would think Ray, that Dave would have let you know where he’s going to be living.”

“Mick’s not said anything to us either about where he’s moved to,” Pete inserted. “But the point is, I’m worried about them both, Ray’s worried about them both.”

“I’m worried more about Mick really,” Ray sighed. “I don’t worry much about Dave to be honest, he’s…” Ray made a dismissive gesture with his hand.

“But didn’t we kind of agree Ray, that we think Dave’s got something to do with whatever’s going on with Mick?” Pete pointed out. “And you were worried about Dave, you said you were. That was really why we asked Grenville to come here isn’t it? So we could talk about them both and decide what we are going to do about the awkwardness we both feel whenever those two are with us.”

“I suppose so,” Ray reluctantly agreed. “I said I wanted whatever’s going on to be out in the open...at least among the group, because that’s what friends are for, to help each other out in difficult times, be there for each other.”

“Well I certainly hope that both Dave and Mick know that we are all here for them both,” Grenville agreed. “Though the question is, whatever’s going on, what are we going to do about it?”

“Yes well I suppose that’s why we wanted to meet up with you Grenville,” Pete said. “So that we could talk about what to do about it, I don’t like Mick’s strange behaviour, neither does Ray.”

“He does always seems keen to get behind the drums though,” Ray said. “We discussed this at my house didn’t we Pete?”

“He seems more relaxed once he’s sitting behind his drum kit,” Pete agreed. “Once we have finished any rehearsal or recording session, he never seems to want to stay behind for a drink or a chat or anything, he just seems in a hurry to leave, more often than not, Dave goes home with him.”

“That’s what I was getting at,” Ray said, sharply tapping his finger several times on the table. “That was why I said earlier that we ought to confront them both about this, it’s not normal.”

“I agree with you Ray,” Grenville said. “It is something we have got to discuss with the two of them, we need to ask them what they are up to, and get to the root of the problem.”

“We need to make them both see that it’s stressing us out,” Ray insisted. “Don’t look at me like that Pete, you know I’m right.”

“I’m not saying we can’t have a word with them both,” Pete said, worried. “But remember what I told you earlier about how we don’t know what stress Mick might be under, we need to tread carefully”

“And we will,” Grenville said, in his best reassuring voice. “We will tell them that whatever problems they are experiencing, they don’t have to tell the whole world about it, but that we need to know, so then we can support them.”

“Now just wait a minute,” Ray said, a little annoyed. “Why do you talk about them both as though their problems are the same?”

“Well, because weren’t you just saying now that you think Dave’s in on this secret?” Grenville pointed out. “Well, whatever the secret is.”

“Oh I dunno Grenville,” Ray sighed, holding his head in his hands. “I really don’t know, but we need to get to the bottom of this, as I’m just getting worried...sometimes I even think that, well like there’s something wrong with Mick.”

“Why would there be anything wrong with Mick?” Grenville asked, sounding exasperated.

“Well...could he be ill do you think?” Ray said in a worried voice.

“ILL?” Both Grenville and Pete said out loud, making a few people look round at them.

“That’s crazy talk,” Pete whispered, looking embarrassed when he realised he and Grenville had made other customers in the pub look round at them.

“Mick did look very pale and tired a few times I’ve seen him,” Grenville looked just as worried as the other two now. “And yes, now you come to mention it, I am starting to feel that Dave knows something that we don’t.”

“Based on what grounds?” Pete asked.

“Based on what I’ve seen, now you come to mention it,” Grenville murmured. “At the time I really didn’t give it much thought, but I do seem to remember that Mick and Dave were talking together quietly...nothing wrong with that you might think, but their body language was a bit of a giveaway to tell you the truth.”

“How do you mean?” Ray asked.

“It could be nothing, but...the way they were talking together when they thought nobody was about,” Grenville sighed, and Ray and Pete could both see that he was feeling awkward about what he was trying to say. “Mick was saying something to Dave and...well I didn’t quite catch what it was but...well Dave had his arm around Mick, and looked as though he was trying to reassure him about something, but I don’t know what. I could...I could see the expression on Dave’s face, and he was giving Mick this ‘it’s going to be alright’ kind of look.”

Neither Ray nor Pete liked the sound of what Grenville had just told them; they both felt that they needed to be worried.

“Well I say we confront them then,” Pete said looking serious. “I wasn’t sure about it before but I’m totally worried now.”

“Well that’s two of us in agreement so far,” Ray said patting Pete on the back. “What do you think Grenville?”

Grenville looked at his almost empty beer glass and swirled his drink around looking thoughtful. “Yeah I agree, we ought to have a word with them, perhaps not confront, that’s a very strong word, but I think we need to have a serious talk with them both. Explain to them why we are concerned and that we want to help them.”

“That’s what we’ll do then,” Ray agreed. “When we all meet up at mine in a couple of weeks time, you will be there won’t you Grenville.”

“Sure,” Grenville nodded. “What about Robert, shouldn’t he be in on this too?”

“Well it wouldn’t really be fair to leave him out, now would it,” Pete sounded doubtful, but also knew he had to be reasonable. “But I would say we talk to him about it first.”

“Only thing that worries me about Robert is, he might do something without telling us,” Ray said with concern. “You know how he can be sometimes with the way he does things behind our backs, and just expects us to go along with whatever he’s planned.”

“Well we can’t let him do that this time,” Pete insisted. “This could be quite serious, we need to make sure he’s on our side if we are going to include him in this.”

“Don’t worry Pete,” Grenville reassured. “I told you Robert’s not all bad, if we make him promise to be supportive then he will be.”

“Well he’d better be,” Ray growled. “After all, Dave is my brother and whatever’s going on, I’m not having Robert making it worse.”

“Will you stop worrying!” Grenville pleaded with a sigh. “I promise you, Robert won’t do anything to make whatever’s going on worse. It may turn out that we’re all worrying about nothing. Let’s just carry on with our lives until we know there actually is something to worry about.”

When the impossible happens

Chapter three continued

Pete Quaife laughed at what he was reading in the newspaper that morning, he honestly thought their stories were getting more ridiculous by the day. He already knew not to believe everything he read, but this recent story about a pregnant man was taking the biscuit. He shook his head, folded the paper up and put it to one side. He decided that he was going to stop reading the papers altogether and stick to sensible things; music, art and writing which he enjoyed doing the most when he was not playing bass guitar as a member of the Kinks.

Pete was at Ray’s house where the two friends were checking out Ray’s latest songs, and Pete was offering his usual constructive criticism. Pete did not think Ray really needed him to go over his work, but Ray just liked to include Pete in every new piece of material he came up with before he shared it with anyone else. Pete was Ray’s best friend, and Ray valued his opinion more than he did anyone else’s.

Pete lit up a cigarette, he was sitting in the back room where Ray had a mini bar; something Ray had always wanted. Pete was his favourite person to have as a guest in this room, and one of the few people Ray really trusted.

As Pete relaxed on the sofa with his eyes closed and his head back, he blew out the smoke from his mouth, he could not help but still think about what he had just read, a story about a man somewhere who was supposedly pregnant, but no-one knew who he was. He had read that the news had leaked from a hospital laboratory where they had tested a patient’s blood and urine sample for pregnancy; it came out positive and yet it turned out that it belonged to some male.

The article had stated there had been no mistake about it, that the doctor treating this male patient had phoned the hospital, stressing that there had to be some mistake, but no; the tests showed high levels of HcG and the pregnancy test was positive.

There were also reports that they had been trying to find out the identity of this pregnant man, but his doctor had refused to give out any information about the patient.

Pete laughed to himself as he thought about what he had read, it was the craziest story that particular paper had come up with, and it had come up with many crazy stories before.

“What are you laughing at?” Ray had just walked in and interrupted Pete from his thoughts.

Pete looked up at his friend, “Oh just something I read about in that paper you left lying around.”

“Oh yeah what did you read mate?” Ray asked as he sat in a nearby chair. “Haven’t got round to looking at it yet.”

Ray picked it up and looked at the front page, which was not all that interesting today, but Pete turned it to the page he had read, “There,” Pete pointed to the article. “It’s about how apparently a man has managed to get himself in trouble.”

Ray gave his friend a weird look, so Pete clarified, “Got himself pregnant in other words.”

Ray looked over the story and laughed, “Goodness me, and I thought this paper couldn’t get anymore funny.”

Both friends laughed at the absurdity of reading such news, of course if it had been April fool’s day then they would expect this sort of thing to be put in, but it was November so what were the people who printed this paper trying to achieve from writing such a ridiculous story?

Ray shook his head in very much the same way Pete had when he first read it, then folded up the paper dismissively, “Well I don’t know, the things that get printed these days.”

“Hey let’s look at that again,” Pete had suddenly remembered something in that article he had read, and it sparked his interest. He picked it up and turned to the ‘pregnant man’ story. Ray watched lazily as he looked it over, then Pete’s eyes widened and he showed Ray a paragraph. “Hey look, they are talking about a Doctor Bell of Roselea Surgery, isn’t that near where Dave lives? I think that’s the one Dave goes to isn’t it?”

Ray looked at the paper and after thinking for a moment, said, “Yes, I think so...yeah you’re right, and Mick started going to that one too from what Dave told me a while ago, after he moved in with Dave.”

“Just think what a shock it would be to everyone, if it turned out to be true,” Pete said in jest.

“Oh ha ha,” Ray replied sarcastically. “What are you suggesting? That it’s one of them?”

“What, you think your brother’s pregnant?” Pete gave Ray a friendly punch and they both laughed.

“Or maybe it’s Mick,” Ray joked, getting a cigarette from a box on the nearby coffee table.

“Okay, okay this is getting a bit too silly now, let’s get back to the real world,” Pete chuckled, though he was still laughing at such an idea. “Hey talking of Mick and your brother, did you know they have both moved out of that flat? I take it you do.”

Ray stopped laughing and looked at his friend, “Oh no I didn’t,” he admitted. “My brother never tells me anything, so it doesn’t surprise me that you found out first.”

“Well I only just found out the other day and assumed you knew,” Pete said looking surprised. “Yeah one of your sisters went over to see Dave and he was packing a load of suitcases and putting them in his car.”

“Oh, well it’s about time he bought a decent place to live,” Ray said. “With all the money he’s made, I’m surprised he stayed in that flat for as long as he did, I’m even more surprised at Mick for even wanting to live there with him, never did understand that at all. So has Mick gone somewhere aswell?”

“Well, I would presume so because the place is empty now,” Pete shrugged. “No idea where to though. You know, I’ve not heard anything from either of them since we all got together last month.”

“Oh well, I expect we’ll soon find out,” Ray muttered, putting a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it. When he had taken a puff, he added, “Don’t know why the hell Dave is so secretive with me, he gets so weird whenever I ask him anything about what he’s been up to. As for Mick, well, he is one mysterious guy.”

“I like Mick,” Pete said thoughtfully. “He’s not that mysterious, just...I dunno, he’s got issues.”

“Yeah, he didn’t seem to want to talk with us much when we last got together,” Ray pondered as he tapped his cigarette over his ashtray. “It was like he...I dunno how to explain it, he seemed quite...like he had a lot on his mind and he didn’t seem to be truly with us.”

“He was okay when we were playing though,” Pete pointed out. “He seemed comfortable sitting behind the drums and in between songs, as long as he was sitting at the drums, he could talk to us alright...at least I thought so.”

Ray nodded thoughtfully, “True,” he agreed. “Interesting though, very interesting. Still, I don’t think it’s healthy for band members to feel uncomfortable around each other, we need to...I think we should talk to Mick next time we all get together to play.”

“Oh I don’t know,” Pete said doubtfully. “Mick’s had a hell of a lot to deal with all his life and he’s not always comfortable with people asking too many questions.”

“I still feel like there’s something he’s not telling us that we ought to know,” Ray said adamantly. “If he doesn’t talk to us about what’s troubling him, then how are we meant to help him?”

“Well that all depends if we can help him,” Pete reasoned. “I mean, he might have a reason for not wanting to talk to us about whatever’s bothering him, we just can’t force him to, all we can do is make sure he knows we are here for him.”

“Yeah you’re right,” Ray agreed with a sigh. “We do need to say something though, I am fairly sure I’m not imagining things, I’m also sure that whatever’s going on with Mick, Dave’s in on it.”

“What makes you think your brother has anything to do with it?” Pete asked, looking confused.

“I don’t know Pete,” Ray admitted truthfully. “It’s just sometimes, I feel like those two have their own little secrets between them...like...oh I dunno. Almost as if there is something between them that they feel they can’t share with you and me.”

“And you think that maybe we need to get to the bottom of it?” Pete asked, looking sceptical about the idea.

Ray took another drag of his cigarette and nodded to Pete in answer to his question, he exhaled, looked at his friend and said, “Yeah, I really think we should, I don’t think it’s right for Mick to feel he can’t talk to us about his problems.”

“Well we need to be careful,” Pete warned. “We don’t know what kind of stress Mick is under, the last thing we want to do is make it worse.”

“I know that Pete, but if there is anything going on in Mick’s life, or Dave’s for that matter, we at least should let them know we are there for them,” Ray stressed. “Personally I think we should confront them both...yes I know, we don’t want to put any kind of pressure on either of them, but still, that’s my opinion and I think I’m entitled to one.”

“Of course you are Ray,” Pete rolled his eyes at his friend’s determination. “Not saying we shouldn’t talk to them both, I just don’t want to risk driving either of them away.”

“And we won’t,” Ray promised. “But we can’t go on with those two acting the way they are, if I’m honest, it’s driving me mad and whatever’s going on, no matter what it is, I want it out in the open!”

“Maybe you’re right,” Pete sighed in agreement. “We should all be able to talk to each other about our problems, maybe we should have a word with someone else about them first.”

“Like who?” Ray asked. “Robert and Grenville perhaps?”

“Yes maybe,” Pete replied thoughtfully. “After all, managers are people we should be able to go to if we have a problem in the band, maybe we should ask them how to go about it. Or perhaps they know something we don’t. I doubt it though.”

“I doubt it too,” Ray agreed. “They probably don’t know any more about Mick’s behaviour than we do, or Dave’s, but surely they must have noticed it.”

“Well I don’t know,” Pete shrugged. “But I think that’s the first thing we need to do, have a word with one of them...or both of them.”

“Well we are all supposed to be getting together here in a few weeks, in this house,” Ray announced. “Robert and Grenville are supposed to be coming too, or they said they might do. We should have a word with them before they come here though.”

“I trust Grenville more than I do Robert, don’t know why,” Pete said. “Maybe we should talk to him first, go and see him or meet up with him somewhere.”

“I agree with you there Pete,” Ray said. “Let’s do that, let’s ask Grenville to meet us somewhere and talk to him about our concerns over Mick, and my worries about my brother.”

“You know, I think that’s a really good idea,” Pete said, happy with the idea of meeting up for a drink with his favorite manager. “We’ll talk to Grenville and see if he can suggest anything.”

The two friends then spent a couple of hours going over three of Ray’s new songs and jamming a little on their guitars, then they took a little break and decided to make lunch. When they had finished eating and had a cup of tea, Ray gave Grenville a call to ask when they could see him so they could talk.

Luckily, their assistant manager had nothing on that day and so he could see them today if they liked. This pleased Ray, as he felt that they would be a step closer to finding out what was going on, with both his younger brother and Mick.

Although they both knew that this was a rather delicate matter to talk about, and it would have been better to have Grenville make his way over to Ray’s house, Ray felt he had been at home long enough that day. He had not been out at all, and felt he needed to get out of the house. Pete was happy to drive his friend to the pub where the band would often go to when they were at Ray’s, and Grenville offered to meet them both there for a pint. They were pleasantly surprised to see that he was there before they were, sitting at the bar talking to the barmaid who had served him.

“Alright there you two?” Grenville greeted his two friends cheerfully. “What would you like? Drinks are on me.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that Grenville,” Ray said, slightly embarrassed and not wanting to take advantage of his manager’s good nature. “We asked to see you, so one of us should be buying you a drink.”

“Oh don’t be daft Ray, I should be grateful to you really, I was so bored,” Grenville laughed. “You gave me an excuse to come out.”

“Even so, we don’t want to use you to buy us drinks,” Pete said quickly. “I’ll get Ray and me a drink, I would get you one too but you’ve already got one.”

“Oh for pity’s sake what do you both want?” Grenville said these words, not crossly, but in a way that made the two friends look at one another in a way that said, ‘perhaps we had better let him buy us a drink’.

“Er...well if you insist,” Pete said. “I’m driving, so I will just have a coke, a large one if I’m allowed.”

“And what about you Ray?” Grenville asked the band’s lead singer.

“You know Grenville,” Ray said, feeling cheerful without knowing why. “I will have what you’ve got, is it lager?”

“It is indeed matey,” Grenville declared. “Go on you two sit down somewhere, I’ll bring your drinks over to you.”

When the impossible happens

Chapter three continued

It was Autumn now, and Mick felt tired but content. He was almost six months along and although the sickness had stopped quite a while ago, it seemed to have been replaced by back pains, and to make it even worse, he was occasionally experiencing some very strange and sharp pains around his hips which sometimes kept him awake at night.

Mick was lucky that St. Mungo’s had registered him with a local healer, whose practise was only a fifteen minute walk away. This healer had explained to Mick that these pains were caused because of him being male, and his pelvis was magically expanding as the baby was growing. This also meant that there was still the possibility that these changes would enable him to have a natural birth, but neither Mick nor Dave were keen on this idea. However, the healer promised them, that the St. Mungo’s healers would make the best decision about the birth, for both Mick and his unborn baby.

The healer had been able to prescribe Mick a mild painkiller potion, which could be taken as needed, but this potion tasted horrid, and so Mick only took it when the pain was unbearable. He had last taken a dose of it half an hour ago, this was why he was feeling so relaxed, because when he took the potion, it helped with the pain and made him sleepy.

It was unclear if it was the potion that was causing his drowsiness, as it was only supposed to be mild, and it was the only safe one that could be taken in pregnancy. It could also have been because, when Mick was in so much pain with the changes his body was going through, he was unable to sleep, so when the potion eased his pain, he was able to get that sleep that he had been missing out on.

Mick felt happy and relieved as he began drifting off to sleep, even Dave’s electric guitar in the next room would not keep him awake now. He smiled and rubbed his growing bump tenderly, the baby was quite active, always kicking and moving around, this always seemed to happen when he was relaxed or in bed at night. It comforted him when she moved, it reassured him all was well and it was a nice feeling, sometimes he could see his bump moving and he and Dave sometimes had fun just watching the movements and talking to their child.

Before Mick drifted off to sleep, he gently said to the baby, “You keep kicking if you want to darling, I don’t mind but I’m going to sleep now.” Mick was fast asleep in less than a minute.

When the impossible happens

Chapter three

Mick looked happily at the beautiful place where he and Dave had settled on living. It was a lovely cottage that overlooked the sea on the coast of Wales. No-one knew that they had bought that place together, except Doctors Bell and LeStrange, and also the healers who were treating Mick at St Mungo’s hospital.

It had been two months since the couple had seen their precious baby for the first time by magical ultrasound, and in that two months, Mick’s bump was very slowly but surely growing.

Mick was already having to wear bigger sized clothes than he was used to.

The other problem was when the Kinks got together; then Mick had to do his utmost to hide his growing bump from his bandmates and everyone else. Mick had to put on very large and baggy jumpers and hope to goodness that no-one would notice anything unusual, but then he thought; Surely nobody would suspect that I am pregnant, yet they might well notice that I am gaining weight and my tummy is getting bigger, they may comment on that, or at least they will notice even if they are too polite to say anything.

Mick could not help but worry about people finding out about his pregnancy, and he often thought of how his band mates, Ray and Pete were going to react. It did not help that Dave felt strongly about his family having a right to know, yet Mick would argue that he was the one carrying the baby and therefore should have the final say on the matter, though he knew that they could not keep it a secret forever.

Another tour had already been planned for the Kinks, around the time their daughter was due; so how were they going to get out of that one?

It had caused a few arguments between the couple; Mick’s hormones had been playing havoc and Dave did not help matters by trying to take control of the whole baby situation, and had even got a plan of when he was going to tell his parents. Mick strongly disagreed with this, and what upset him even more, was Dave saying they needed to do this tour with the band. Dave wanted to arrange for someone to look after the baby while they were away, he was even planning to ask some of his family if they could help out.

Mick had felt hurt that Dave was making these decisions, and just expecting him to accept it.

Dave had no right to do anything behind his back, certainly not anything that he was uncomfortable with. Nevertheless, Dave firmly believed that they could not deal with this thing completely on their own. Mick on the other hand, was determined to get out of going on tour with the band for the foreseeable future; this was when Dave pointed out, if that was to happen, they would have to come clean to certain people.

They had moved out of their flat, and many questions were going to be asked about where they were living.

No-one knew that they were together; surely people were going to want to know where each of them had moved to. Dave had strongly pointed out to Mick, that if they were going to have a baby together, then their relationship, illegal or not, could not remain a secret to everyone.

Mick knew that there was some truth to what Dave was telling him; he knew that they could not hide their baby from the world forever, but nor did he wish for every Tom, Dick and Harry to be informed. There were very few people he trusted, none of them were members of Dave’s family, and it was only those very few people that he wanted to let on to, and then only when he was ready.

In the end, they agreed that they would say nothing until they had settled into their new home. Dave knew that Mick did not need to be under too much stress in his condition, so because he loved Mick more than anything, he agreed they would hold off from telling anyone for a bit longer. Moving house was a stressful thing in itself, so it was a good idea to take one step at a time.

The pair had begun to look into moving away from London the minute they had arrived back from St. Mungo’s; they had been so happy at the prospect of becoming parents, and in their excitement, they had looked at quite a few different properties on the coast.

They travelled to a few different places; one in Devon which was a beautiful place, but it was not far from where their band mate Pete’s parents lived, this was one thing that had put them off. Mick in particular, was not comfortable with the idea of living near anyone that they, or their band mates knew, no matter how nice they were.

They even looked into the idea of moving to the Highlands of Scotland, but they felt that it was too far out. Yes, they wanted to be away from London, and where there were not too many people, but they were also planning for the baby to be born at St. Mungo’s. A lot of travelling may be too much for Mick, who was still having to attend regular appointments at the wizards’ hospital.

This was when Mediwitch Drizella had made a suggestion to the couple. If they still wanted to to live on the coast, there was a way that Mick would not have to keep coming back to St. Mungo’s on regular intervals.

The mediwitch knew of a wizarding community on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, there were a few lovely cottages for sale there, and no doubt both Mick and Dave would be able to buy one outright with the money they had made from being in the Kinks.

If they were willing to buy a house there, and let someone come in and connect the fireplace to the floo network, then they would not have to leave their home and travel until the time came for the baby to be born. If Mick was to be booked in for a caesarean section, then they could travel back to St Mungo’s a few days beforehand; though a lot of arrangements would have to be made, and of course Mick did not need to be put under too much stress. Drizella had shown the couple some pictures of a few of the properties for sale. The mediwitch also explained to them that the cottages were in fact fit for both wizards and muggles to reside in. These homes had been built a long time ago, designed for either squibs who needed to get used to the muggle lifestyle, or muggleborn wizards who still wished to be connected with their families in some way, in which case a telephone could be installed, the best of both worlds.

Mick and Dave had both jumped at the chance to take a look at some of these beautiful and quaint looking old cottages, and they wanted a place with character.

Drizella was even good enough to meet up with the couple to help them choose, which they were both very grateful for. Dave was still creeped out by the fact that witches and wizards were indeed real, and he knew that living near them would take some getting used to. Drizella felt it was only fair to help them out, she herself felt indebted to them because she was studying male pregnancies and wanted to learn more from this couple, plus she knew some of the people in Pembrokeshire quite well from her days at Hogwarts’ school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

They had looked at five different places in total but one place caught Mick’s eye in particular.

It was a five bedroomed cottage that looked out to sea, and it had a beautiful garden, that Mick thought could have amazing flowers in the spring and summer. When they looked around the garden, they could see it was extensive, lawned and secluded. What excited Mick the most about the garden were the fruit trees, as he had always wanted a garden with trees. It pleased Dave to see the man he loved so happy. The garden provided plenty of space for a child to play.

Inside, the house had two large rooms, which were brimming with charm and filled with character. The ceilings had exposed beams, and both rooms and the kitchen had flagstone floors. There was also a large fireplace in each room, Drizella recommended that the one in their main living room should be connected to the floo.

There was a very large and roomy kitchen at the back, that Mick immediately fell in love with, as he had begun to imagine himself cooking breakfast in the mornings for Dave and their daughter. He could do baking, one of his favourite pastimes when he was not playing his drums.

Climbing the quaint wooden stairs, on the first floor there were three bedrooms; the couple decided that the largest room facing the sea would be their room, the slightly smaller bedroom next door to theirs would be for their daughter, though Drizella advised that the baby ought to sleep in their room at least for the first six months. The third room, bigger than the baby’s but smaller than the master bedroom, would most certainly be a guest room, it was facing the beautiful garden at the back so anyone staying with them would also have a nice view to look at when they woke up each morning.

Going up another flight of stairs, were two tiny attic rooms which also were intended as bedrooms, although the couple were unsure as to what they would do with those two extra rooms as yet; for the time being, they agreed they may aswell simply use them for storage.

They loved the bathroom; which was larger and prettier than the one in their flat, and it had blue and white striped wallpaper which gave it the perfect, seaside cottage feel.

Mick was feeling the most relaxed he had felt in quite a few months, and was resting on the brand new sofa in the largest and quietest of the two rooms, which was their main sitting room. The other room was for Dave to play his guitars, and sometimes when Mick felt like it, he would play his drums which were also set up in there.